Market Rasen Heritage Tour wins Lincolnshire Heritage Award

Our Market Rasen Heritage Tour website has just won the Lincolnshire Heritage Award (from the Lincolnshire Heritage Forum).

85 guests attended the bi-annual Lincolnshire Heritage Awards on July 10th at a ceremony in the magnificent setting of Gainsborough Old Hall. This included MR BIG Chair, Sara Scott, Push Creativity’s Angela Montague and Hazel Barnard from Rase Heritage Society.

The awards, which have been completely redesigned for 2014, were judged David Sleight (Dean of the Faculty of Media, Humanities and Technology, University of Lincoln), Emma Tatlow (Visit Lincoln Partnership Manager) and Steve LeMottee (Executive Director at East Midlands Museums Service) during a two day tour of Lincolnshire in May.

Here’s what David Sleight said about the judging panel’s views on the category and the website.

“Digital is an overused word these days, given that virtually everything we use (in terms of technology) relies on digital. It has been fascinating to see, and fascinating to watch, over the past few years, how museums and heritage centres have been embracing the potential that digital and ‘media enrichment’ (if we can call it that) is offering. And given that a recent government report in January this year showed that the media and creative industries in the UK are worth £71.4 billion a year in terms of turnover, providing employment for 1.68 million people, we feel very confident that this will continue to be an aspect of heritage development over many years to come.

“The Market Rasen Virtual Heritage Tour… funding for this came from The Heritage Lottery fund under the All Our Stories grant, with additional funding from Market Rasen Business Improvement Group.

“What we really like here was there was a profound sense of public engagement, engaging with the community – not just in the sense that the organisers through this would be something good that Market Rasen ought to have, but actually involving people in the very selection itself of the sites that should be captured on film and then digitised from records, postcards, and documents.

“So what was then built on the website was this really rich sense of community engagement, where there were multiple voices telling stories about Market Rasen. The quality of the material was also very high, and I particularly remember one of the films which was about the police station and the cells and giving a sense – for those who would never have chance to visit a police station themselves – what it might have been like, back in the day, to have been incarcerated within them. And of course the importance of making these things accessible digitally, and therefore through the internet, means the reach of this potentially goes out globally, so a really profound piece of work there.”

Click here to read the story on the Lincolnshire Heritage Forum website.

The Market Rasen Heritage Tour website has clocked-up 6700 views in its first year.

Sara Scott, MR BIG Chair said “Hazel’s (Rase Heritage Society) idea of one organisation focused on the past and another focused on the future, coming together to create a consumer focused product that delivers the best of both worlds in an interesting and engaging fashion was excellent and has lead to the successful completion of the project.

“We couldn’t have done it without help from Push Creativity.  We outsourced the creative delivery of the project and the value they added in bringing the audio and video elements of the tour to life are what really makes the tour stand out from similar on-line projects.”

Award’s ceremony at Gainsborough Old Hall

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