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Are you looking to purchase a new battery for your car? No need to worry because we can show you the right way here.

A battery is one of the crucial components that’s responsible for many functions in your vehicle. So, it’s important to keep the car cells in pretty good shape. Today’s buying guide is all about finding a replacement battery if the existing one is not working any more.

What is a Car Battery?

In Lehman’s language, a car battery is a big plastic box that contains several rechargeable cells that are responsible to provide electricity for your vehicle.

All the car batteries come with two terminals that connect to your car’s electrical functions.

You will also see a side sticker with branding, some technical jargons, and the number of years the battery is covered under warranty.

What does it do?

A car battery is not an optional accessory. Without the cells, your car might not even start. So, the first function performed by a car battery is

Starting: Put the car key in its ignition and turn the first half. What happens next? Your car wakes up and lets you know that you can commence the journey. It happens only because of the battery.

Now, you can start the air vents, power on the interior lights, or listen to music without turning on the engine. All the credit goes to the car battery.

However, if you do any of these for a long time without starting the engine, car’s battery will discharge soon.


Lights: Headlights, rear or front indicators, and any other customized lights take power from the car’s battery. Means, you can see others and be seen even if the car’s engine is turned off. Apart from that, a car’s battery also powers the 12V connector, USB ports, and music player present on your dashboard.

Ignition: Your car engine cannot start automatically. It needs electricity that’s generated by the battery to the car’s spark plug.

How Many Years Do Car Batteries Last?

Life of a car battery varies between 5 to 7 years. However, the number of years depends upon several factors including, but not limited to faulty connections or diodes, and irregular or insufficient charging. Some of the power-hungry devices like mini fridge might also lead to early replacement, especially if it’s not configured inappropriately.

Once dead, a car battery needs to be recycled or disposed of similar to AA batteries. Most of the garages have the facility to dispose of car cells. If you think that the battery has not worked according to its age or reputation, then contact the purchasing place or its manufacturer with the proof of payment.

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Does My Car Need a Battery Replacement?

Let’s know some of the symptoms, which suggest that you might need a new battery.

  • You need to repeatedly charge the battery manually.
  • The car is struggling to ignite its engine, especially in the winters.
  • A voltmeter shows a reading of 10.5V or less

Sometimes, it’s the alternator that needs replacement. On an average, alternators last for 60, 000 miles.

However, its life might be as low as 40, 000 or high as 100, 000 miles; depending upon the car’s make and model.

So, if you notice that the battery is not co-operating while the car is moving or its engine is on, then the problem could be with the alternator.

Don’t doubt the alternator in case the car’s engine is not starting or other lights are not working while the engine is off.

If you are not sure about the fault, then contact a local garage or service centre to get the battery, as well as alternator, checked or replaced.


What are The Factors to Check While Buying a Car Battery?

In case your car has advanced technologies to reduce its CO2 emissions, there are two battery types available to choose. Both the following supports up to 360, 000 starts.

Advanced Flooded (AFB): Performance-oriented and durable, the AFB batteries are also known as ECM and EFB. These cells work better than regular ones in terms of start/stop features.

Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM): Heavy-duty batteries that often need software installations to make sure all the functions are in sync and working properly. If you need to reconfigure one of these cells, contact a professional. Keep in mind that AFB and AGM batteries are not interchangeable.


What are the Best Car Battery Brands to use for Long-lasting Performance?

Lead-acid batteries are the most common. These cells are affordable, long-lasting and support up to 20, 000 stars. Lead-acid cells are available with Halfords and many other brands, wherein the average warranty is three years.

Calcium batteries are also durable and support up to 3, 000 stars. These battery offers up to 18 per cent more power and hence beneficial for winters.

Silver Calcium batteries have up to 30 per cent more power for around 50, 000 starts. These batteries come with longer warranties in comparison to other categories.

All the above-mentioned batteries are available with multiple brands, but the reputable ones include Yuasa, Bosch, Powerline and Halfords. For instance, Yuasa YBX5096 is a silver calcium battery that’s good for up to 50, 000 engine starts. You can browse Amazon for more products, wherein you can also check the compatibility with your car.

Things to Remember

  • Winters or cold weather affect the performance of a car’s battery. And remember that you should look for a battery that can remain idle or without recharge for a long time. Also, make sure that a battery fits the available space in your car.
  • Modern vehicles use certain electronic features including immobilizers, alarms, or locking mechanism that needs power when you are not even driving it. So, the battery might need some charge even if the car is standing idle.
  • Start the car and run its motor after every fortnight to avoid any power drain.
  • Do not disconnect the battery from the car’s electrical system until and unless its recommended by the manufacturers and you know about the removal procedure.


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