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THE BIG GIG comes to Market Rasen Sat 13th July!

OBG logoOUR BIG GIG! An amazing upcoming event! A must visit!

On Saturday 13th July, Market Rasen Town Council will be hosting OUR BIG GIG. It’s bound to create a great buzz and atmosphere within the town centre and, like its name, it’s going to be BIG! The gig itself will provide great entertainment for people of all ages with a passion for music and dancing, and some opportunities to take part too.

The day’s events start from 10am and run right through until midnight. Each of the events will be held in different places: the Festival Hall, the Committee Room, St Thomas’s, the Market Place, The Chase, the Methodist Chapel, and the Salvation Army Citadel.

The main focus of these fantastic events is to encourage people from within the local area to come along and participate in some of the many great musical workshops which will be taking place. It’ll be a fab way to get involved in making and writing some beautiful music!

As well as the workshops there will also be some amazing musical acts to see, with the likes of Jay Tyrer, Jimmy Needes, Wizards Sleeve and many more. We’ll also be expecting to see some fantastic performances from the Sequence Dancing Group and St Thomas’s Bell Ringers. And throughout the day in the Market Place there will be buskers and a street organ to serenade the crowds.

It is definitely going to be a great day and evening so come along and TAKE PART!