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Mr Big Needs You!

Calling all local organisations!┬áThere are so many fantastic charities, clubs, churches and groups working hard in Market Rasen for the good of the community. Can we work with you? Maybe pool time and resources to help promote all Market Rasen’s events to a wider audience? Sign up here if you’d like your group to get involved in our BIG conversation or our BIG plans!

(Download and read our Town Transformation Plan here, and our Action Plan here)

Please complete this form so we can add you to the MR BIG task force to organise dates and actions with you!

First Name
Last Name
Organisation name
Organisation Website
(Please type http://www.) if applicable
Organisation Facebook Page Address
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Organisation Twitter ID
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Organisation Phone Number
Your Daytime Phone Number
Your Mobile Phone Number
Your Email Address
Please use this space to send us any message – Which aspect of our Action Plan you want to help with?
What resources you can call upon?
What contacts do you have?
What ideas would you like to share?

Many, many thanks for getting involved – many hands make light work!


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