Market Rasen’s Portas Pilot trials TikTap Loyalty App

Mark Barnes (far right) from TikTap with Sarah Lamballe (2nd from right) of MR BIG, with some of the 22 Market Rasen traders now signed up to offer discounts and voutchers throught TikTap, the innovative new smarpthone app. Pictured left to right are Claire Korzon Farrow of Touches Beauty, Liz Ventham of Market Rasen Hardware, Mike Coleman of Wild One Tours, Louise Manders of Sunnside Up Farmshop & Tea Room, Wendy Harrison of Blue River Jewellery and Irene Ward Kendall of Wold View Tea rooms

Lincolnshire’s Portas Pilot town, Market Rasen, along with a select number of other towns in the UK, has been awarded the opportunity to introduce a local loyalty programme designed and built by the same people behind the highly successful Orange Wednesdays cinema campaign. TikTap aims to do the same for Market Rasen’s high street as parent company 2ergo has done for cinemas.

Across the UK, businesses, high streets and town centres are looking to build loyalty and encourage increased spend and repeat visits. Sarah Lamballe and Sara Scott of Market Rasen Business Group (MR BIG) saw the opportunity presented by TikTap and negotiated for up to 30 Market Rasen businesses to take advantage of this new loyalty and reward system with no hardware or licence fees for a year.

How the offer appears on the smartphone, ‘Tik’ the ones that appeal. Then when you pop into the shop, just “Tap” your mobile phone over an electronic ‘pod’ to redeem the offer.

Simply by using the free TikTap app on their smart phones (iPhone or Android) residents and visitors can discover the benefits of shopping locally and recirculating spend in the local economy whilst the latest technology creates useful reports and additional intelligence for retailers.

“We are really thrilled to be working with TikTap to bring this exciting, new loyalty scheme to Market Rasen” said Sarah “especially as we’ve had such a positive response from so many of our high street retailers. Producing paper based offers is costly and not great for the environment, so this new app is smart on every level, it helps us deliver our Portas Pilot promises without eating into our budget”

“We’re also delighted that we’ve had such a positive response from Market Rasen Racecourse, where we did a soft launch of TikTap at the Prelude meeting on Saturday 29th September. There was an amazing crowd, and a fabulous day’s racing. As a local attraction, the racecourse brings 75,000 visitors a year to the town and have pledged their support in promoting TIkTap to the race-going public, – so it should have a really positive effect for our other retailers as more people discover the app.”

It’s so easy to use. Consumers simply download the TikTap app for free from iTunes or Google Android stores. It then stores details of all live offers in the area on their iPhone or Android – users ‘Tik’ the ones that appeal. Then when they pop into the shop, they simply “Tap” their mobile phones over an electronic ‘pod’ to redeem the offer, bridging the gap between online, mobile and high street shopping.

The opportunity to kick start the scheme with 30 pods is on a first come first serve basis and with 22 business already signed up, including the 2 MR BIG town shops, there is a last minute opportunity for local businesses to express interest by emailing or calling Sarah on 07974 194888.

Claire Korzon Farrow at Touches Beauty Salon, Market Rasen, with her TikTap pod. Touches is offering half price sun bed lotion, a free fruity nail file and Shellac hands or feet via three separate offers on the new smarphone app

Commenting on the link-up with Market Rasen Business Group, Michael Dougherty from TikTap said “We’ve been really impressed with the publicity Market Rasen has received at a national level. Despite being the smallest Portas Pilot town, it has been seen to make some of the quickest and biggest improvements.

“Their revitalisation of the market should play a big part in bringing new customers into town from neighbouring towns and TikTap can help those new and existing shoppers to discover the high street whilst here.

“What’s more the proximity of the racecourse will allow us to measure the effect a major local attraction can have too. We look forward to seeing what compelling, enticing offers can achieve with measurable results all via a simple smartphone app together with the unique TikTap pod.”

To find out more visit or contact MR BIG’s Sarah Lamballe on 07974 194888 or TikTap’s Partnership Manager, Mark Barnes, on 07818 596460 or email

And for people without Smartphones?

Mark Barnes, TikTap’s Partnership Manager, takes up this point:

“Currently only a system that uses smartphones can offer instant rewards plus business benefits such as monitoring and reporting. There are solutions that use points and rewards for collection later but these are all costly for the business meaning that many will not participate and the offer would not exist anyway and to anyone. There are lower tech solutions that can offer instant rewards but these are unsustainable and provide few long term benefits to users and businesses. Without the TikTap & MR BIG relationship there probably would be no form of shop local scheme in Market Rasen with or without a smartphone.

“The majority of people upgrading or replacing mobile phones will end up with smart phones even if they don’t aspire to have one. Currently 65% of the population can take advantage of this offer many more will be able to in the next few weeks and months.

“Bring it all back to cost, the perfect system is far too expensive for most towns and cities and I am not sure that money could buy the system that is fully inclusive. Use the savings locally to upgrade and start doing what we will all be doing in the next few years; living all aspects of our lives through smartphones.”

How is Market Rasen’s Portas Pilot doing?

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