The Back Story

Market Rasen Business Improvement Group – MR BIG – began in January 2012 as a voluntary group for local businesses to work together to improve the overall experience for those who live, work and visit the town, and we set out this stall before the Portas Pilot competition was announced. Our aim is to enhance the look and feel of the main street and retail areas. We want to help local business owners find the information they need and the workshops they want to provide a unique stand-out service to their customers. We want to attract exciting new start-ups and support them to succeed. In short, we want to help Market Rasen to become the best it can be; a vibrant, thriving and attractive market town supported by local people and attracting visitors to our unique corner of Lincolnshire.


Our Portas Pilot Journey so Far (in order of oldest to latest):

Filming our Portas Pilot Video

The fine detail of the bid – our Town Transformation Plans – published online

Mary Portas Tweets praise for our Portas Pilot video

Our Extraordinary Pop up Market on May 14th, proving what can be done in four weeks with no funding, but plenty of great ideas and heaps of hard work. Also commended by Mary Portas on Twitter:

Our WIN announcement, made at midnight on May 25th 2012:

Our Celebration Party:

Transparency: The Bid, The Money and The back Story

Progress: What’s Happening and What’s Going to Happen Next (praised by Grant Shapps on Twitter)



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