MR BIG’s BIG plan – ready to read online!

Detailed plans now online to give Market Rasen a bright future

At last – we can now share our town transformation plans in full! Here is the fine detail of how we intend to transform this town (Portas funding or not!). 

The Plans

It’s a lot of reading, because a lot of work has gone into it, from three meetings that gathered the concerns and ideas of around 50 local business minds, to research by the MR BIG core team on what other towns are doing in other areas of the UK.

There are two essential documents to read. Download them with these links, and please bookmark this page now so you can always find it:

MR BIG Town Transformation Plan PDF

The MR BIG Action Plan PDF

The People

For those of you who don’t yet know, MR BIG was started by a handful of local business people, working on a completely voluntary basis, to get MR BIG to this point.  Read more about them on our “About It All” page.

And at the last meeting we are delighted to say that there were at least 10 new hand-raisers  from within Market Rasen businesses who are going to help MR BIG hit the ground running. We’ve plans to implement our first 2 big ideas, reaching out to community partners including the Town Council, clubs and organisations, landlords and young people. Our next blog post will cover this in much more detail… stay tuned, or better still, click here to Subscribe to Market Rasen BIG by Email.


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