New Biz

On this page we will be detailing the empty commercial properties in Market Rasen high street and the side streets leading off. At the start of Portas we recorded 19 properties that appear to fit this category. We will be adding details on each, plus the landlords and agents involved, when we know them. This is an ongoing, fact finding mission. Click any image for a larger view. Each property has a number, if you are interested in any (or have news we should know) please get in touch using our contact page. Quote the vacant number and tell us what you’re planning. We are here to help you. We are very keen to see all these filled with exciting new enterprises. 

Details Gathered

Vacant 02: the Lindum Group has completely refurbished the 1st and 2nd floors of the building to provide incubator space for small businesses.  Just two individual offices remaining to rent – available immediately. If anyone would like more details or to have a look round the offices please ring Lynn Ritson on 01522 852441 or 07795 604996.

Vacant 15: May be trading but hardly even seems to be open?

Vacant 16: Now for sale – full estate agent details here 27-29 Union Street FOR SALE


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