Hello Market Rasen Business owners! Open meeting 20th Feb, 7pm.

We spend time presenting and displaying our goods and services to create a pleasurable experience within our shops, pubs, cafes, accommodation and restaurants. All town centre businesses rely on footfall and over the last few years this has decreased. Now we can stand by and watch the town fall about around us or we can join together to try and find solutions.
If you were driving through Market Rasen, what would make you stop? Would you really park up, have a wander through the High Street, potter around the shops, and grab something to eat?
Market Rasen has lots of empty shops, can we not use the window space to promote upcoming events or have artwork painted by the local schools to give colour and interest to banish the gloom? Or pick one day a week to open late so the large population who work out of town can shop with us?
Many of you are talking about what to do, so shall we ALL get together and tackle the basic issues:
1.Tidy up the main street, contact landlords of empty shops, provide information and signage
2.Enhance our town with flowers, baskets, troughs from one end to the other.
3.Work together to promote the town with one voice

We all have skills of communication, display and management; can we not use our skills collectively and create a pleasurable surrounding for our businesses?
Many groups spend time organising this event and that but, if the venue is not up to scratch why would visitors come back to shop, eat and stay when the event is over?
A meeting of Business owners only is scheduled for 7pm on Monday, 20th February at Holy Rood Schoolroom, on King Street, opposite The Red Lion (ample car parking to the rear).

We hope you can find the time to attend and bring along your ideas and thoughts.