There are a lot of ways you can reach MR BIG, and many ways to find out what the group is doing.

If you want to take a market stall, you need to complete a different form online, please follow this link Register as a Market Trader.

Nicola Marshall, the new town centre manager, with her open house session every Friday morning at the Big Corner Shop, 27 Market Place.

You can also click any of these links to Register as a Market Rasen BusinessRegister as a local organisation or community group or Register as an individual

Each Friday morning our new town centre manager, Nicola Marshall, hosts an ‘open house’ in our new retail space, 27 Market Square (the old Halifax building). Anyone can drop in to ask any questions on the project.

If you wish to write to MR BIG, you can pop a letter through the door of the aforementioned 27 Market Square, or hand one into the high street business where our volunteer directors work (The Advocate, Rasen Hardware & DIY, Nicholsons Accountants). Please include your name and phone number so we can get back to you.

If you are online, you can look at our blog, our Facebook page and Twitter account These pages have the most up to date news, and on them we answer comments each day. You can even subscribe to the blog to get our latest post emailed to you.

You can also email MR BIG on

MR BIG’s newsletters in the town library

We also keep a full set of documents in the reference section of the town library (and have done since the project began in March) explaining everything we are doing. This public resource was joined in the summer by a notice board in the window of the former Arena Cafe, and newsletters are also now available in cafes, pubs and salons in the town so people can buy local and read about the Portas Pilot.

You are also welcome to call MR BIG founders Sara Scott on 07912 644968 or Richard Hallsworth on 07976 165452.

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